We are a Quake 4 server dedicated to having FUN. Our roots come from a server named killat0ns. We also have a large group of players from the Outlawz Gaming Clan.  After Randy Evans (killat0n) shut down his server we migrated to a server called Smokin. When that server was gone a player that goes by the name unsub started the Still Smokin server. That server still exists today and is currently called Up in Smoke. We are grateful to unsub for providing the server to our community. There are other Quake 4 servers as well in the USA and around the globe, but not many.  We are a very small community consisting of around 15 – 20 servers. We are also a very diverse group. Some players like DM and some like Duel, while others enjoy CTF. Player skill levels are also very diverse from some who are almost professional level to casual players who are unconcerned with playing to a high level but just want to wind down and let off steam at the end of the day. Recently a player named Cashew started the server Q4 Funhouse. The reason he did this was to provide a server dedicated to all players of every skill level having a great time playing Quake 4. He hopes to accomplish this by ASKING people to be kind and realizing that everyone may not be as good as they are OR understanding they could be from half way across the world and the ping they have does not afford them the opportunity for high level play. He also realized that over the years he wasn’t the ideal example and wanted to change that for his benefit as well as the benefit of the community. So this is where we are currently, if you have any suggestions or requests use our contact form, and we will try to accommodate you.